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Here at Law Office of Todd E. Gonyer, PLLC, a defense attorney will earnestly and aggressively defend your rights. With many of our lawyers holding many years of experience, your rights will be properly considered, and your case will be treated with the professional focus it deserves. Our firm has helped dozens of Davidson area clients in their expungement cases.

Are you dealing with expungement charge in the Davidson area? The legal professionals at Law Office of Todd E. Gonyer, PLLC have helped countless clients charged with criminal allegations throughout the Davidson area. When you are facing a judge in court, Law Office of Todd E. Gonyer, PLLC can have your back.

Though you may feel your world in the Davidson area crumbling around you following charges or involvement in expungement matters, we at Law Office of Todd E. Gonyer, PLLC are here to tell you that the world has not yet ended. Every day, members of the Davidson area community are charged with expungement crimes and need representation and counsel. We believe that our many years of experience gives us the know-how to battle for your rights. 

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The Davidson area legal system relies on solid representation for both parties in expungement situations. Prosecutors of the location courts will work ruthlessly to tear apart their opponent’s expungement case. We at Law Office of Todd E. Gonyer, PLLC understand that the law can often be fallible. After many years of practice, we strive passionately to ensure our clients are properly represented in their expungement cases. Call us at (704) 215-4924 to enlist our experienced practice today.

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