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When you work with the professionals at Law Office of Todd E. Gonyer, PLLC, you are getting a smart and knowledgeable team who will put your thoughts and needs first. Our Union County area clients appreciate our personal attention in helping them resolve their misdemeanor matters. We take a strong and aggressive approach in dealing with Union County area courts, and we will never let you face your misdemeanor charges alone.

The scope of criminal practice at Law Office of Todd E. Gonyer, PLLC covers virtually all forms of criminal charges. No matter what misdemeanor charge you face in the Union County area, let us help you through it. Our firm has many years of experience working in the area. We know how the courts serving the Union County area work, and we will not let prosecutors in the Union County area walk all over you.

You should never face your misdemeanor trial by yourself. In doing so, you face the potential of being poorly prepared to defend your case in the Union County courts. Law Office of Todd E. Gonyer, PLLC can help you turn this difficult situation into something that is more manageable with a higher chance of success. In our many years of representing the Union County area, we have provided great support for our clients.

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When you hire a misdemeanor lawyer, you need an attorney who can understand every aspect of the legal system. We have studied cutting-edge negotiation tactics and have many years of experience working out plea bargains with Union County area prosecutors. If you decide to take your case to trial, Law Office of Todd E. Gonyer, PLLC will help you along every step of the way from arguing your case at hearings to presenting your case to a jury and into appeals. Jury trials are a specialty of ours, and we have a strong understanding of how juries will make their decisions in misdemeanor cases. Contact Law Office of Todd E. Gonyer, PLLC to talk with a Union County area attorney about your case today.

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